Refrigerated tables NovaMeta

Refrigerated tables NovaMeta are strong and durable refrigerated products. The company NovaMeta uses only high quality materials. All the products they produce exclusively in the European Union. These refrigerated tables have exquisite appearance. It helps to install the equipment in open-plan areas visible to customers.

Gastropartner AS offers refrigerated tables in Oslo, Norway.

Refrigerated tables NovaMeta: standard features


  • Stainless steel table top with thermal insulation,
  • efficient thermal insulation construction,
  • uniform distribution of cold,
  • separation between drawers,
  • all inside corners are rounded for easy cleaning,
  • stainless steel back,
  • cooling monoblock can be changed in a minute,
  • easy-to-clean digital controller,
  • automatic defrost and evaporation,
  • adjustable heavy duty stainless steel feet (amplitude 60 mm +10/-50),
  • drawers with 110% extending stainless steel telescopic rails,
  • self-closing door with 50 mm thick insulation,
  • section with doors equipped with 1 stainless steel grid.


Refrigerated tables NovaMeta: additional features


  • Upstand for the table top,
  • solid wood table top: 40 mm thickness,
  • stone table top: 30 mm thickness,
  • without table top,
  • extra stainless steel grid,
  • extra stainless steel guide,
  • removable drawer dividers for GN (1/3, 1/6, 1/9, 2/3), 2 pcs.,
  • perforated drawer insert,
  • powder coated exterior,
  • central cooling.

Gastropartner AS offers refrigerator tables NovaMeta (Kjølebenker NovaMeta) in Oslo.


Refrigerated tables NovaMeta