Pastry cabinets Criocabin Elisir

Pastry cabinets Criocabin Elisir have the high level of hygiene. It helps to sales the criocabins that do not harm the health of workers and the environment. It is one of the reason, why our company recommends to buy these products.  This professional refrigerated Criocabin has the following characteristics:
  • ventilated refrigeration with potentiometer to adjust air flow rate,
  • straight glass structure with downwards glasses,
  • fixed glass top surface,
  • AISI 304 stainless steel display surface,
  • lighting: fluorescent tube with Osram Warm White 830 light.

The cabinets Criocabin Elisir are energy efficient. The company respects the Montreal protocol to reduce the use of substances responsible for the greenhouse effect. R290 gas is the natural alternative to HFC refrigerants and with a high GWP coefficient. It is non-toxic and has first-class thermodynamic and energy efficiency properties. From 2018 all the built-in refrigerator units of Criocabin adopt R290 gas.

Pastry cabinets Criocabin Elisir in Oslo


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