Industrial cold rooms Kide

Industrial cold rooms, freezers and industrial panels from one of Europe's largest manufacturers, Spanish Kide SA.

Product range from small standard refrigeration cabinets to industrial panels up to 20 cm thick. All windows, doors / gates, shelf systems, etc. Cooling units can be supplied as plug-in monoblock or split system. Air or water cooled.

Industrial cold rooms Kide: features


Prefabricated cold storage and freezing rooms can be ordered according to standard dimensions or as tailoring. Short delivery time. Available in thickness 60, 80 and 100 mm. Standard door with light opening 80 cm.

Cooling rooms can be built without flooring, for easy handling of trolleys. Shelf systems in aluminum or stainless steel. Cooling rooms can be supplied in special colors, with windows, fireproof panels and with different types of doors and gates.

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