Mach MS 9500

High-quality machine Mach MS 9500 front loading will provide highly effective cleaning of dishes. This professional dishwasher will help to remove even hard-to-remove dirt, which is formed on the dishes over time. A fixed installation of in the machine guarantees a safe clean free of cracks and broken cookware. 

The case is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, ensures durability and high resistance. Technology alternate water supply provides economical use of resources and does not affect the quality of washing dishes.

If you are looking for the professional glass dishwasher in Oslo, Mach MS 9500 is the best dishwasher for Ho.Re.Ca. Choose the dishwasher Italian brand MACH, and spotless dishes will be a hallmark of your company!


Key features of the dishwasher Mach MS 9500 are the following.

First, the device delivers a quiet sound, because the level of the sound insulation is very good.

Second, this dishwasher also allows to avoid sharp changes in temperature.

Third, there are two replacement cycles (2 – 3 minutes is standard). And the last, the camera has a few baskets for placing dishes on the different levels.

More than that, if you will open the door while working, the glassvasker Mach micro switch will stop the operation. Boilers protected by a thermostat. There is a special pump for rinsing.

Dishwasher Mach MS 9500: Specifications


Washing cycles 150/210 sec
Washing pump 550 W
Total input 5050 W
Tank capacity 17 lt
Boiler capacity 8 lt
Water consumption 3,5 lt
Basket size 50×50 cm
Dimensions 600x620x820H mm