Mach MS 9120

The cantine dishwasher Mach MS 9120 is made of stainless steel (also wash and flush with nozzles) and equipped with 9.0 kW throughput. It helps to ensure proper rinse water temperature. 

The dishwasher has 2 pcs. wash programs (75/180 sec). The thermometers indicate the wash and rinse water temperature. Gastropartner - is official sales and service Mach Oslo.


Gastropartner AS, the certificated partner of brand Mach in Oslo (kantine oppvaskmaskin Mach), Norway, offers service of dishwashers Mach.

Myrvegen 18, NO-1929 Auli

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The dishwasher Mach MS 9120: specifications


Washing cycles 75/180 sec
Washing pump 2000 W
Total input 8000 W
Tank capacity 40 lt
Boiler capacity 11 lt
Water consumption 3,5 lt/wash
Basket size 50×50/GN-trays cm
Dimensions  700x740x1460H mm