Kromo POT 151 ES

The pot dishwasher Kromo POT 151 ES is a dishwasher with the quieter operation. This property is achieved through the use of a double leather door. The dishwasher Kromo POT 151 ES has a triple pump filter. Also it has a built in water softener with automatic regeneration cycle (using aid dosing and detergent pump with cold water supply). Kromo Oslo has a variety of wash cycles between 120 - 720 seconds and will run through 30 racks per hour.

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The housing of the pot dishwasher Kromo POT 151 ES is made of stainless steel. The main advantages are: loading, performance, length of washing cycles and rinsing, the number of washing programs, number and purpose of the baskets, the size of the boot opening, overall dimensions.

The professional dishwasher Kromo has a self-cleaning automatic cycle. In this dishwashing machine is the rinse circuit and energy saving system. It reduces the boiler temperature when the appliance is in standby mode wash.

For the security purposes, the producer has equipped the dishwasher Kromo with  the protection from water leaks. This dishwasher grovoppvaskmaskin Kromo also allows to avoid sharp changes in temperature. The dishwasher has its own diagnostic system. If necessary, you can load only half of the camera.

Kromo POT 151 ES: Specifications


Racks/hour 30/15/10/7
Washing cycles 2/4/6/8/10 min
Washing pump 2180 W
Total input 8180 W
Tank capacity 35 lt
Boiler capacity 10 lt
Water consumption 4,7 lt/wash
Basket size 55×66,5 cm
Dimensions 650x750x1690/2070H mm