Kromo Hood 130 S

If you need to buy industrial dishwasher Kromo Hood 130 S you can call to Gastropartner. Also we specialized on Kromo service in Oslo.

The industrial dishwasher Kromo Hood was produced for high-quality washing (plates, kitchen accessories, cups, glasses for Ho.Re.Ca). This dishwasher was made of stainless steel AISI 304. As well as it has a set with two baskets for plates, a basket for glasses and two inserts for cutlery. Our company is a partner of brand Kromo in Oslo, Norway.

Gastropartner: service and sales the dishwashers Kromo in Oslo!

  • deep tank,
  • self-cleaning vertical pump,
  • double skin insulated hood,
  • double tank filter, with dirt collection system + pump filter,
  • easily removable basket support,
  • linear or angular layouts.

Kromo Hood 130 S in Oslo


If you need Kromo service or buy the industrial dishwashers Kromo (hetteoppvaskmaskin Kromo), contact us:

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Kromo Hood 130 S: specifications


410H – 1050/hr
GN 1/1 530×325
Racks/hour 70/40/30/20/12
Washing cycles 50/90/120/180/300 sec
Washing pump 1490 W
Total input 10490 W
Tank capacity 42 lt
Boiler capacity 10 lt 
Water consumption 2,8 lt/wash
Basket size 50×50 cm
Dimensions 720x735x1445/1880H mm