Kromo Granule GR 300 Plus

Gastropartner company offers a review of the product Kromo Granule GR 300 Plus. This dishwasher is be a great choice for the professional kitchens in Oslo as well as in the restaurants, schools, canteens.

Dishwasher Kromo GR Granule 300 Plus is designed to quick dishwash. This device ensures saving on water, detergents and electricity. Hence, Kromo TR technology improves the quality of the climate and air. Kromo dishwasher Kromo Granule helps you to save immediately on the  energy cost! 

This dishwasher has the next features:

First, it has a nice lower door, through it, the water will not fall on the floor after loading/unloading.

Second, the basket is made of stainless steel. You can find the basket on a rotating support stand. The producer creates it to optimise the mechanical impact of the pellets on the surface to clean.

Third, the heat recovery unit optimizes energy resources and reduce steam production losses.
You will never have any device issues because here the best quality, the professional dishwasher Kromo (oppvaskmaskin Kromo) will serve you for many years.

Kromo company pays special attention to operating and environmental issues. At the same time, the engineers and marketing spesialists constantly studying the needs and requirements of the clients.

As a result, the company Kromo produces non-standard modelsbased based on this information. Be sure that this device can improve your business process. As well as we are happy to increase your money interests.

Kromo Granule GR 300 Plus in Oslo


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+47 21 64 60 10

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Kromo Granule GR 300 Plus: specifications


6xGN1/1-10xGN1/1 (530x325xmax 65)
2xGN2/1 650x530xmax 140
4xEN 600x400x20; 600x400x50
Ø 30 max 50; Ø 40 max 45; Ø 50 max 35
Racks/hour 15/10/7/6/5/4
Washing cycles 4/6/8/10/12/15 min
Total input 12975 W
Tank capacity 103 lt
Water consumption 4,4 lt/wash
Basket size Ø73,5×24 cm
Dimensions 1095x910x1910/2020H mm