KEN DW 410

Gastropartner AS, Oslo offers hood type dishwasher KEN DW 410. Ken dishwashers: sales and professional service.

It is an improved feature, that KEN DW 410 is economical as well as super efficient industrial dishwasher with the manual hood. This dishwasher is one of two new models in the development of successful professional dishwashers. 

The dishwasher has a built-in computer that controls and monitors the washing process. KEN DW 410 has two standard programs. Suitable for large canteens, restaurants, hospitals and so on.

The professional dishwasher KEN DW 410 has a modern and highly efficient wash and rinsing system. At the same time, this machine has an innovative refueling tank, so the min. temperature during the rinsing is 80 °C . The machine has the following features:

  • improved rotary flushing,
  • large washing nozzles prevent clogging and improve washing results,
  • vertical hood closure saves space,
  • molded plastic cover, which is sound and heat insulation,
  • low operating costs with low energy consumption – only 2.4 liters of water per. wash,
  • data management that always ensures smooth washing and disinfection,
  • error messages in plain text to avoid downtime,
  • last rinse with the clean water in min. 80 °C during the rinse period,
  • using of the solid soap,
  • prepared for independence from water pressure,
  • automatic dosing of the liquid soap,
  • extraction plug, connection plug and control,
  • drain pump with automatic water change,
  • 2 additional programs,
  • noiseless rinse system.

dishwasher KEN DW 410 in Oslo


Gastropartner AS offers dishwashers for hospitals, schools, canteens, restaurants, public meeting rooms in Oslo, Norway. A new machine satisfies the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s requirements for disinfectant waste disposal.

dishwasher KEN DW 410: Specifications


Racks/hour 80/50
Washing cycles 60/120 sec
Washing pump 1300 W
Total input 9900 W
Tank capacity 25 lt
Boiler capacity 9 lt
Water consumption 3,5 lt/wash
Basket size 50×50 cm
Dimensions 650x730x1475/1930H mm