Ken DW 330

Fast dishwasher KEN DW 330 has the KEN computer. It controls the entire washing process and if necessary, the control panel makes a report. The main control function in the dishwasher KEN DW 330 panel is to monitor the functions that are essential for a perfect cleaning result.

You can use speech codes as well as read on the display control panel which constantly inform about the washing process. The nozzles for washing and rinsing rotate on all sides during the washing. This process improves dish washing. Your dishes will be perfectly clean with the dishwasher Ken Oslo.

Information about optimal dishwashing results:

  • «Macine ready» signal to start the program at the correct washing temperature,
  • report on missing detergent,
  • message about drop of water pressure,
  • message about reduce heating.

Information about the reason for switching off the dishwasher KEN DW 330:

  • too low water pressure / no water supply,
  • insufficient heating effect,
  • power supply error,
  • temperature sensor error.
  • 3 programs,
  • possibility to connect hot (max 65 ° C) or cold water (min 5 ° C),
  • water consumption is only about 3.5 ltr per wash,
  • low water and energy consumption, which helps to get a good economy,
  • final rinsing with the clean water through the separate system in the dishwasher Ken Oslo,
  • electronic control of functions that provide status information during the washing process, error codes, for example, due to the lack of soap and washing liquid.

Fast dishwasher KEN DW 330 in Oslo


Gastropartner: sales and service dishwashers KEN in Oslo.

Fast dishwasher KEN DW 330: specifications


Racks/hour 50/30/20
Washing cycles 110/200/290 sec
Washing pump 1100 W
Total input 10500 W
Tank capacity 12 lt
Boiler capacity 6 lt
Water consumption 3,5 lt/wash
Basket size 50×50 cm 
Dimensions 595x600x850H mm