Moduline Cook&Hold

Moduline regeneration ovens use the old method of cooking at low temperatures. 100% static ovens where food is not burned or dried out. The ovens heat the food in a natural way so the quality stays. This type of heat treatment produces significantly less weight loss on what is being cooked. Compared to heating in traditional convection ovens, where much food is vasted in the drain and is replaced by added water vapor, the taste and nutrients will remain in the food until serving. This is because of the static system that uses conduit element outside the oven camber. All sides in the oven are uniformly heated, providing a heat throughout the oven, completely without the help of fans.

Moduline Cook&Hold: features


  • Chef-service programming recipe registration. The programs can be installed in up to 9 different phases, for high performance and flexibility,
  • delta-T function: Ability to adjust the temperature difference between the oven compartment and the core of the product, increase the tenderness of the meat and reduce weight loss,
  • low power consumption and perfect temperature control,
  • exhaust system for excess moisture prevents overpressure in the oven compartment,
  • Moduline’s new and advanced ovens enable heat and cold smoking by combining the benefits and quality of low temperature furnaces,
  • DeliWarm heating system prolongs storage time after cooking without drying out the food.

To buy regenereringsovner Moduline in Oslo you can in Gastropartner AS.