Mazzer Kony electronic

Mazzer Kony electronic is a coffee grinder that has infinitely variable micrometric adjustment. It grinds coffee on-demand. Also this equipment has an electronic adjustment and ventilation with electronic control. Also you can choose what speed you want. For instance, the slow speed is suitable for average consumption.

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First, this is a coffee grinder with stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment. Comportable display can measure your portion size.

Second, there is an electro-ventilation. You will be able to control the cooling of the engine.

Third, it has a micrometric adjustment that helps you improve the quality of the coffee preparation.

All these features are available only for this version.

Mazzer: specifications


  Super Jolly for Grocery Super Jolly Electronic Major for Grocery Major Electronic Kony Electronic Robur Electronic ZM DR100
Power, W 350 350 650 650 450 900 900 1000
Grinding blades, Ø mm Flat 64 Flat 64 Flat 83 Conical 83 Conical 63 Conical 71 Flat 83 Flat 100
Grinding blades speed, r.p.m. 1400 1400 1400 1400 420 420 900 1400
Grinding capacity with medium/fine fineness, kg/min 0,15-0,22   0,4-0,7       0,65 0,65
Coffee-bean container capacity, kg 1,2 1,2 1,8 1,8 1,3 1,8 0,32 1,8
Net weight, kg 13 14 18 20 20 28 35 42