La Cimbali M34

You can buy or repair espresso machine La Cimbali M34 in Oslo in Gastropartner. We sale and service professional espresso coffee machines Cimbali in Norway.

Coffee machine La Cimbali M34 is the professional coffee machine which helps you to make the perfect espresso for your customers.

  • Advanced electronic system,
  • coffee machine that avaliable to save energy due to special high-tech solutions,
  • new automotive look,
  • gutsy temperament. 

Hence, the professional espresso machine La Cimbali M34 is the best solution for the production needs (restaurants, bakeries, cantines, universities, coffee-shops in Oslo as well as all over the country). 

At the same time, you will be surprised with the new sharp Cimbali espresso machine:

  • the ends of the filter-holder grip as well as the steam knobs have a chrome-plated internal element,
  • command panel in polycarbonate with glass effect, constantly back-lit with white low consumption LEDs,
  • full-touch capacitive selection keys.

La Cimbali M 34: innovations


Machine La Cimbali M34 is the espresso machine with the following innovations. 

Turbosteam milk4

  • The device which makes 4 milk recipes (with or without foam),
  • the possibility to choose the temperature and frothing level for each recipe,
  • the wand does its job automatically,
  • easy-to-maintain.

Smart boiler

  • Saved energy system even during the time of peak demand.


  • The system that achieves the ideal temperature,
  • the barista can make different temperatures for each coffee,
  • the possibility to reach the ideal temperature without boiler pressure reduction.



Models Dimensions L x D x H, mm Weight, kg 
M34/DT2 770x510x510 70
M34/DT2VA 770x510x577 70
M34/DT3 970x510x510 85
M34/DT3VA  970x510x577 85


Models Power supply, Hz Power at, kW


380-415V3N 50/60

220-240V3 50/60



220-240V 50/60 4.2-4.9 or 3.0-3.4 


380-415V3N 50/60

220-240V3 50/60

220-240V 50/60