Elektra Barlume

Elektra Barlume is an Italian professional coffee machine. It has elegant lines, reliability, efficiency and effectiveness. It means, only time-tested traditions of Italian espresso making machine heart coffee bar.

The craftsmanship of Italian design, the espresso machine Elektra Barlume, looks for a 1950s style and that makes her the center of attention. The flowing curves of the case is similar with the forms of the hydraulic machine. As well as the sleek design matches modern approach. It takes into account taste preferences new time.

The coffee machine Elektra Barlume has very high quality material. First, a special double hull, night cycle which reduces energy consumption. At the same time, in coffee machine increased dosing unit.

Second, this machine has the full control. Modern espresso machine Elektra Barlume makes the complicated process of brewing espresso simple and clear algorithm of actions.

Third, the model will surprise even the most experienced Barista. It has very simple controls and a comfortable design.

Everything is left to chance. Modern solutions will give you the pleasure of working with the equipment Barlume. Сoffee machine will be your best assistant, allowing you to delight customers with quality tart espresso and a gentle cappuccino.

Elektra Barlume Oslo


Gastropartner AS is a company that helps you to buy the coffee machines Barlume in Oslo. 



V1C Barlume 2 Units Automatic Chrome/Plexiglass White ice
V1A Barlume Blue Ocean 2 Units Automatic Chrome/Plexiglass Blue
Z1C Barlume 3 Units Automatic Chrome/Plexiglass White ice
Z1A Barlume Blue Ocean 3 Units Automatic Chrome/Plexiglass Blue
Units Boiler Capacity Voltage Frequency Power Height Width Depth Weight Shipping Weight Color/material
L V Hz W cm cm cm kg kg  
2 13 230-400 50/60 3700 51 85 53 68 84 Chrome-Plexi White ice/Blue
3 16,5 230-400 50/60 5700 51 100 53 79 99 Chrome-Plexi White ice/Blue