Bravilor Bonamat THa 10

The company Bravilor Bonamat produces Bonamat THa 10. It is the great coffee machine for delicious drinks. This espresso machine has reliable and presentable appearance. The adventages: it is ease of use and repair it.

Bonamat THa 10 is one the best option to make fresh delicious coffee. At the same time, high-standard brewing system, digital display. As well as djustable programming make it the highly competitive coffee machine on the market.

Bravilor Bonamat is a family owned company, they have created 70 years ago. New ideas, modern technologies and the quality of their produced espresso machines have always been in the first place. They realesed that it was important for the future success.

Today the company hires more than 450 employees worldwide. They all seek, development and produce the commercial systems for the preparation of coffee. Bonamat is a brand which has become popular due to its quality beverages. They have many partners all around the world which help them to improve the relationship with the customers.

Bravilor Bonamat Oslo


The coffee machine Bonamat THa 10 (kaffemaskiner Bonamat) is a quite popular on Norwegian market. 

Gastropartner AS can help you to choose the best model according to your desires and needs. You can buy Bonamat coffee machines on our Internet site a well as to order maintain. 

Bravilor Bonamat THa 10: spECIFICATIONS


Model Bonamat THa 10
Total capacity 15 liter
Brewing time 8 minutes
Water connection
Color Dark-grey
Dimensions 215x353x552 mm
Connection 230V¯ 50/60Hz 2015W