Bonamat round filter B10 HW

Bravilor Bonamat round filter machines are one the best filtration coffee machines on the market. More than that, unlike othere espresso machines, this model has a separate hot water tap near the water. One of the advantages is very beautiful design with the modern materials.

Bonamat round filter machines have great digital display with which you will not have any problems. Also it is very easy to use these machines because they have a descale system.

Filter machine Bonamat container brewer is a great choice for the hotels, large offices, fast-food outlets, airports and other places where you can meet a large crowd of people. Filter machine always was and will be cheaper than espresso machine usage. Housing made of quality material allows these machines to function for a very long time without repair.  They don’t break.

All the electronics connected to the water network. That’s why, after brewing containers you can move to the desired location for making coffee.

Bravilor Bonamat round filter B10 HW helps you to make a very large amount of coffee. The next advantage is that it has high-quality and reliable material. As a result, the body will never be rusty. It is very easy to make coffee with this machine even for an inexperienced user.

Bravilor Bonamat round filter in Oslo


The important features of the company’s products Bravilor Bonamat are advanced technologies and innovative solutions. Coffee machine Bonamat does not require complex connections, highly skilled personnel, complex care. You can use it everywhere. The elegant design will fit all the most refined interior.

Gastropartner AS presents Containertrakter Bravilor Bonamat and service coffee machines in Oslo. Contact us and we will answer all your questions.


Bonamat round filter B10 HW: Specifications




Hot water

Buffer stock coffee  20 liter
Hour capacity coffee 60 liter
Hour capacity hot water 20 liter
Brewing time 10 minutes
Water connection

400V 3N~ 50/60Hz 8380W

440V3/230V~ 50/60Hz 10000W

440V3/115V~ 50/60Hz 10000W

Dimensions (W x D x H) 989x570x840 mm